Questions and Answers

Where do you keep stock in Africa?

SSA currently keeps stock in South Africa, Angola, DRC, Namibia, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

What equipment do I need to use for your C band service?

To subscribe to our C band Service, you will need a 1.8m antenna, 5W BUC, PLL LNB and X3 iDirect modem.

What equipment do I need to use for your Ku service?

To subscribe to our Ku Service, you will need a 1.2m antenna, 3W BUC, PLL LNB and X1 iDirect modem.

Where can I receive your Ka-band Services?

Zimbabwe and Zambia

Where are your teleports located?

Our Teleports are located in Rugby, UK and in Johannesburg, SA.

How do I subscribe to your MPLS network

For the Head Office and branches in major cities we need to know the site addresses and your current IP connectivity supplier if any. With that information we can connect you to our network and offer the MPLS service. For remote branches in rural areas we offer the MPLS service over satellite.

What is the network coverage of Sat-Space Africa?

We cover Sub-Sahara Africa with Satellite and fiber MPLS network. We are active in 27 counties and use 4 different satellites for our service. We are the 2nd largest iDirect operator in Africa.

What do I need in order to subscribe to your Cloud Computing services?

You need to have a router on site that supports IPsec.