Pay as you go

Pay As You Go (PAYG)

PAYG is a Vsat service with no commitment and no monthly subscription fee! The customer pay only for what he uses.

  • We offer the service both on C-band and Ku-band.
  • The service is prepaid and customer buys the GBs in advance.
  • Customers can see the amount of GB left and graphs on customer portal website.
  • No expiry for the GB purchased.
  • Link size is determined only by setup fee. You can get 1M/4M with no monthly subscription fee.
  • Payment can be done over credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and bank transfer

Benefits for end users and typical markets:


  • Pay only when used and not monthly.
  • Usage can be controlled
  • High speed available when needed
  • VSAT more reliable than other backup solutions.

VSAT for telemetric usage

  • VSAT for ATMs, Retails systems, remote controls (agriculture, electricity facilities, water controllers) – use very little data.  This is an extremely cost effective product for customers.
  • When investing in a VSAT already for telemetric purposes you can use it also for other purpose and generate more revenue per location.

Temporarily usage

  • An ad-hoc solution for conferences, camps, etc. Also good for customers that needs to have video conference calls or special broad band solutions only occasionally
  • There is no commitment involved. You just buy the capacity and use it.

Small users in remote locations

  • Users can control how much to pay per month.