Sat-Space is spearheading the development of a new Nano-Satellite network service based on Sky and Space Global (SAS:AX) nanosatellites constellation that will provide S-band solutions for tracking, messaging, voice, monitoring, ATMs and more.

Sat-Space has partnered with the listed company Sky and Space Global (ASX:SAS) to be one of the first operators to supply service over SAS Global’s Nano-Satellite network.  The network will consist of 200 very small satellites which will circle the earth at an altitude of less than 800Km and will create a permanent global coverage.

The frequencies that will be used for the service are in the S-band range and will enable bi-directional communication over small terminals and small antennas such as Patch Antennas, Handheld devices and Horizontal dishes based on the service type.

Services that will be supplied over the network are narrow band applications such as:

  • Vehicle tracking and fleet management
  • Travelers locating and emergency response
  • Personal Messaging
  • Personal Voice application
  • Point Of Sale applications
  • ATM
  • National electricity network monitoring
  • Water pipeline monitoring.
  • Gas stations control
  • Remote stock control
  • Animal tracking
  • Logistics Management

The network is expected to be commercial for few services in 2017 and with full service implementation during 2018.

We invite you to contact us and participate during the network establishment phase.

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