Sat-Space offers MPLS network over fiber across major cities in Africa. Our MPLS network enables our customers to create fast, reliable and secured international network for corporates and organizations.

Network overview

  • With MPLS you can expand your corporate services to remote branches over our network in a simple and secure seamless way.
  • The MPLS network is combined with Fiber and our Vsat operation to enable connection between Headquarters in major cities to remote branches which are off any terrestrial network.
  • Last mile terrestrial circuit is offered at each country through different local service suppliers.
  • We offer full monitoring and control over the network through our portal
  • We have our MPLS POPs at Rugby (Vsat Hub), London, Lisbon, Johannesburg, Cape-Town, Luanda, Windhoek, Lusaka, Maputo, Kinshasa and Lubumbashi.
  • The planned POPs for 2016 are Harare, Lagos, Blantyre and Accra.

Sat-Space MPLS network

Below is an example of our MPLS network solution:

International organization with HQ in Rome, branches in Johannesburg and Luanda and field operation in DRC and South Sudan

MPLS case for website