Sat-space offer a Vsat service with no monthly subscription fee! You pay only for the vouchers you use! Service over satellite or terrestrial networks

HOTSPOT Overview

  • Vsat with fully integrated WIFI and web based billing system.
  • No monthly subscription fee. Customer pay only for the vouchers he use.
  • Customers can generate vouchers to sale to their end users with no additional cost.
  • On site the users can access the internet only after login to captive portal with voucher credentials.
  • The services is prepaid either via bank transfer or credit card/debit card/PayPal.
  • Customers can see the amount credit left on their customer portal.
  • We offer the service both on C band and Ku band.
  • Now we offer the service also over 3rd party wimax and fiber networks!


Site Commencement

  • Site commencement of the Vsat or terrestrial link is according to the regular procedure.
  • The router needed for the service is Linksys WRT54GL
  • Customer must upgrade the firmware according to the instructions “here” (link to instructions for the firmware upgrade)
  • After site is up customer connect the Linksys router
  • Sat-Space support then configure the router for billing and security parameters
  • Site get credit according to customer transfer
  • Site is Commence and voucher can be generated to access the


Benefits for end users and typical markets:

  • Customer is never exposed to cash flow risk! Costs always lower than customer income!
  • Very high speed! No financial limitations!
  • Not paying when not using
  • Usage can be controlled
  • We offer multiple login vouchers, constant time vouchers and volume based vouchers
  • More reliable than any other solution.
  • Easy upgrade
  • Credit card, Cellular money and PayPal payments accepted.