About Us


Sat-Space Africa is a fast growing IP connectivity company that combines the latest Satellite and IP technology with our strong footprint in Africa. Using the Fiber optic, Satellite and wireless networks Sat-Space Africa is able to supply fast and dependable IP connectivity solutions.

The offering includes Satellite Solutions on C band, Ku band and Ka band as well as an MPLS network to connect major locations in the continent including last mile solutions. We offer installation, ground service and licensing for almost all African countries. With our robust and advanced billing system we are able to offer unique pre-paid Vsat products. Our bundles are targeting a wide customer audience: from premium business
solutions with high dedicated capacity to cost effective home user packages.

Our operation contains 2 iDirect hubs in UK and 1 hub in Johannesburg that service more than 1,300 terminals in 27 countries.

Our satellites fleet consists of Telstar 11N, Yamal402, Africasat 1a and Hylas2.

Our MPLS network reaches 9 capitols in Africa and 2 in Europe with expansion to more destinations during 2016.

Our head office is in Mauritius and our operations centre is in Windhoek, Namibia.

The key values of our company support our customers business and needs:

a. Creativity – in our fast-changing business environment we use creativity to meet our customers demand and to develop product that match the market changes.

b. Technology – we always sustain in the forefront of technology to support our customers with the essential competitive edge.

c. Flexibility – To maximize our effort to meet each customer’s needs we keep flexible state of mind and enable flexible solutions.

d. Service – We know that customers stick to us and recommend us because of the quality service we maintain and thus we keep high service level at all times.

e. Availability – Our support, engineering and sales executive are available 24/7 to meet the necessary technical and commercial immediate requirements.

f. Cooperation – we share the same enthusiasm as our customers to deliver good service and therefore we maintain tight cooperation and open dialog with our customers.

We are looking forward to cooperate with you in the near future
Sat-Space Team
Sat-Space Team